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Employer ordered to pay €15,000 to ex-employee with stammer

In what continues to be a problem area for employers, discrimination under employment equality legislation needs to be understood to avoid expensive financial and reputational consequences. This risk of breaching employment equality laws was highlighted in a recent case where the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) ordered an agricultural machinery manufacturer to pay €15,000 in compensation...

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Six considerations when employing seasonal staff

The festive season is fast approaching. For employees that means a few days rest and time well spent with loved ones. For employers however, it can mean longer hours, busier days and staffing headaches. When it comes to staffing headaches, the common remedy is to take on extra, or seasonal, staff. If you’re an employer...

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TUPE or not TUPE?

If you’re looking at buying or selling a business that employs workers, you’ll probably have heard of TUPE or the TUPE Regulations. TUPE is the acronym by which the EC Protection of Employees on Transfer of Undertakings, Regulations 2003 are better known. When are the TUPE Regulations applicable? When a business that employs people is...

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Recent reports highlight workplace harassment issues

Recent surveys have revealed that bullying, harassment and sexual harassment are common issues in the workplace. Conducted in several industries, the surveys uncovered the true nature of workplace harassment. Barristers The Council of the Bar of Ireland recently published the results of a member survey. The results indicated that discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying remain...

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Think time: The simple practice that breeds innovation

We are living in an always-on world. It feels like every minute of our workday is filled with a meeting, a phone call, an email, and catching up on an overdue task. Outside work hours, life continues apace. We rush to the bus or train, squeeze in an hour at the gym, and then race...

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New entitlement to benefit parents

The Government has published a new bill that will be of particular interest to parents. The Parent’s Leave and Benefit Bill 2019 (the Bill) will allow parents of new-borns to enjoy an extra two weeks paid leave. It will apply to parents of babies born or adopted from November 1st 2019 onwards. This Bill is...

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€55,000 awarded to employee in pregnancy-related discrimination case

The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) recently ruled on the second of two high-profile pregnancy-related discrimination cases. Both cases highlight the risks your organisation faces for failing to comply with maternity protection laws. Pleading ignorance is no defence so if you don’t take the time to understand maternity protection laws, you could face a similar fate....

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“I’m liable? But it happened at the Christmas party?”

As the Christmas party season approaches, it’s important that employers have the necessary policies and procedures in place to deal with post-party allegations. Even if something happened at an event outside of the office, you, the employer, could still be liable. In this case, you need to know how to manage the process. What does...

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WRC rules on long-term absence case

You generally allow for employees missing one or two days’ work through sickness. If it’s a bad dose, you can lose an employee for a week. Occasionally you may even need to manage a long-term absence. A recent Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) ruling in a long-term absence case shows the importance of fair procedures when...

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Don’t let World Cup fever infect your workplace

The Rugby World Cup 2019 is well underway, with some fantastic performances already making it a memorable tournament. While the timing of the games suits those who work 9 to 5, weekend workers, and employers, may face one or two issues. What position should I take? You need to decide where you stand during the...

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