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What exactly does a disciplinary procedure consist of?

By Marian Whelan As per the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) Code of Practice on Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures, businesses should have a disciplinary policy and procedure in place. Under the Unfair Dismissals Act 1977-2015, an employer is required to provide their employee with written notice of these procedures before terminating their contract of employment. These...

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20 days: Time to get your workplace ready for returning employees

By Kevin Callan On Tuesday, August 31st, the Government made an important announcement with regard to the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. While most restrictions will end on October 22nd, the key date for employers is September 20th. That’s when a phased return to the workplace can begin in accordance with a new Work Safely Protocol that...

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Employer update: Employee right to request remote work moves a step closer

By Paul O’Connor Earlier this year, the Government announced its intention to introduce a new right for employees to request remote work. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment (DETE) then conducted a public consultation process on this proposed new employee right. The DETE has now published the details from that consultation process with the...

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Supreme Court ruling reforms authority of Adjudication Officers

By Kevin Callan In April 2021, the case of Tomasz Zalewski v. Adjudication Officer & Ors. [2021] IESC 24 concluded before the Supreme Court. Mr Zalewski’s claim to have the entire system by which Adjudication Officers determine cases involving the rights of employees declared unconstitutional was unsuccessful. Since, however, the Supreme Court has ruled that a...

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Why your Dignity and Respect at Work policy is so important

By Paul O’Connor Dignity and Respect in the workplace made headlines back in June when two Irish colleges failed to outline their plans for addressing sexual harassment and violence at their institutions to Minister Simon Harris. While both colleges were given an extension, cases of bullying or harassment are best handled in a reasonable timeframe...

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Tips on how to help your staff through their return to work

By Marian Whelan Over the past several weeks, employees who worked remotely for the past year or more have been making their way back to the workplace. For some, this isn’t an easy change to make. Employers need to be mindful that employees may have concerns about returning to work and these need to be...

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Employer guidance on managing long-term sickness absence

By Kevin Callan Sickness absence is an inevitable occurrence that almost every employer will encounter at one stage or another. Long-term sickness absence, however, is the term used when an employee is absent for four or more weeks and can pose different challenges for employers. That’s because having an employee out of work with no set...

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Is your Anti-Bullying Policy up to date?

By Rhiannon Coyne Instances of bullying in the workplace are not always easy to identify and can pose a significant challenge for many businesses to manage efficiently. That’s because the behaviour that constitutes bullying is often subtle and carried out by trusted employees in a bid to undermine colleagues. This can often take the form...

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“Should I allow staff to work remotely?”

By Samantha Crotty Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have had to adapt their workforce arrangements in order to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their employees as well as striving to continue to trade during these unprecedented times. As a result, the number of employees who made the move to work from home...

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DPC publishes guidance on processing COVID-19 vaccination data

By Rob Nolan Employers in all sectors are working hard to ensure their workplace is safe for everyone, customers and employees alike. One way they’re trying to protect their entire workforce is by asking employees if they’ve had their COVID-19 vaccine. In response to this, the Data Protection Commission (DPC) has published guidance on processing COVID-19 vaccination...

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