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Will New Parents Get Paid Leave to Take Care of Their Child?

  It has been announced that the Government plan to implement two weeks paid parental leave in this year’s budget and will aim to increase it every year for the next few years. Currently, in Ireland, parental leave is governed by the Parental Leave Act 1998 – 2006 and the EU (Parental Leave) Regulations 2013....

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Short-Service Employee Wins Unfair Dismissal Claim Due to Pregnancy-Related Dismissal

  Background The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) awarded €13,000 in compensation to an employee who was dismissed while on sick leave following a miscarriage. The respondent in the case, a chicken processing company in Mayo, appealed the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) decision to the Labour Court and argued that they were not aware the claimant’s...

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A Quick Guide to Redundancy for Employers

  Redundancy is hopefully something you’ll never have to worry about, but every business owner or manager should understand what it is, how it can occur and how to manage the process just in case – here’s a quick guide to help… Redundancy generally occurs where a person loses their job due to circumstances such...

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Grievance Guidelines

  Grievances refer to any complaint an employee may have that does not amount to bullying or harassment. For example, an employee may raise a grievance in relation to their salary, changes to their terms and conditions, or in regards to another employee or member of management. The Grievances Code of Practice sets out minimum...

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Cycle to Work Scheme – Information for Employers

  With Spring hopefully on the horizon at last, now may be an ideal time for employers to support their employees to cycle to and from work by availing of the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme. Cycling is a great way to get regular exercise and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can have a...

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Wage Deductions in Northern Ireland – Which Are Lawful and Which Are Unlawful?

  Article 45 of the Employment Rights (NI) Order 1996 prohibits all deductions from an employee’s wages unless: The deduction is required by statute or contractual provision; and The employee has given his prior written consent to the deduction A deduction in wages occurs where the sum paid to an employee falls below the sum...

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Employees’ Right to Be Accompanied at Work-Related Meetings in Northern Ireland

  In the context of HR & Employment Law, the right to be accompanied refers to an employee’s right to arrange for a co-worker or a registered Trade Union Official to accompany them to formal work-related meetings. This right is enshrined in Article 12 of the Employment Relations (NI) Order 1999. Formal work-related meetings include...

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What Employees Are Entitled to a Public Holiday Benefit & How Are Benefits Calculated?

  With St Patrick’s Day soon approaching, it’s important to ensure employers are aware of what employees are entitled to a public holiday benefit and how to calculate each employee’s benefit. This year St Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday. With many working weeks running from Monday – Friday, the public holiday falling on a...

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Landmark Ruling in Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Employees

  A lot of employers and HR professionals would be very familiar with the High Court decision of Nano Nagle -v- Daly [2015] IEHC 785. The case was a landmark case on reasonable accommodation where the High Court set out a really high standard for employers to achieve when considering reasonable accommodation for employees. In...

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Are There Any More Sectoral Employment Orders (SEO) Coming Down the Line?

  The most recent SEO that was introduced in Ireland was the SI No 455 of 2017 Sectoral Employment Order (Construction Sector) 2017 which was signed into law on 19th October 2017. Since the introduction of this SEO, there has been much talk of the introduction of further SEOs within other industries. The Mechanical Engineering...

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