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COVID-19 testing: Employer advice for testing staff

By Rob Nolan Some employers have experienced good business continuity results by asking staff to take a COVID-19 test before entering the workplace. Some of the benefits include maintaining usual business operations and safely managing interactions with contractors. With no government guidance around testing employees the decision to introduce COVID-19 testing is at the discretion...

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“What can I do for my employees on Employee Appreciation Day?”

By Amie Doran On March 5th, businesses the world over will celebrate Employee Appreciation Day. Employers will thank their employees for their hard work and dedication over the past 12 months. The lucky ones may even get a surprise half-day! While Employee Appreciation Day is an opportunity to remind your employees of their importance, it’s...

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What is mediation?

By Dominic Carthy Mediation is something many people feel they should know how to explain, but when asked, they struggle to do so. So, what is mediation? Meaning of mediation Simply put, mediation is a cost-effective way of resolving disputes and building consensus with the help and assistance of an independent third-party. Other dispute resolution...

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Government extends Level 5 restrictions until April 5th

By Fiona Kelleher The Irish Government yesterday announced the extension of Level 5 restrictions nationally until April 5th. Below, we look at how this extension will impact employers. Key employer takeaways The main points for employers include: Work from home should continue where possible. Phased reopening of schools to begin on Monday, March 1st. ECCE...

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Constructive dismissal in remote work dispute

By Rob Nolan ‘Making Remote Work’, Ireland’s new National Remote Work Strategy, is set to give employees the right to request remote working by the end of 2021. But, as a recent Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) decision shows, remote work requests are already causing difficulties for business owners. Reason for care when handling remote work...

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The importance of a fair redundancy process

By Amie Doran The last 12 months have not been easy for the business sector. One consequence of COVID-19 is that many employers are likely to assess their staff numbers this year. With revenue having taken a hit during the crisis, many are likely to be facing decisions around headcounts and possible redundancies. As well...

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Should Irish employers require staff to take a COVID-19 vaccine?

By Fiona Kelleher Now that the COVID-19 vaccine rollout is underway, businesses are assessing how the availability of a vaccine influences return to work plans. What are an employer’s responsibilities? Health & safety legislation imposes duties on both employers and staff around maintaining a safe place of work. To comply with their duties, many employers...

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New anti-bullying Code of Practice comes into effect

By Rob Nolan A new code of practice on preventing bullying in the workplace quietly came into effect at the end of last year. The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) and Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) have worked together to produce a unified code of practice encompassing both employment law and health & safety compliance. The...

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Train staff to maximise benefit of policies

By Amie Doran The importance of employment policies and procedures to a business is consistently underappreciated. Too often, it’s only when things go wrong that people start searching for policies. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers have rediscovered that truth. And while it’s important to have policies in place, it’s equally important to communicate them...

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Remote work requests to become employee right before end of 2021

By Fiona Kelleher The Irish Government recently launched ‘Making Remote Work’ the country’s new National Remote Work Strategy. The aim of the strategy is to make remote working a permanent feature in the Irish workplace in a way that maximises economic, social, and environmental benefits. How will this impact employers? Employers throughout Ireland will be...

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