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What Employees Are Entitled to a Public Holiday Benefit & How Are Benefits Calculated?

  With St Patrick’s Day soon approaching, it’s important to ensure employers are aware of what employees are entitled to a public holiday benefit and how to calculate each employee’s benefit. This year St Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday. With many working weeks running from Monday – Friday, the public holiday falling on a...

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Landmark Ruling in Providing Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Employees

  A lot of employers and HR professionals would be very familiar with the High Court decision of Nano Nagle -v- Daly [2015] IEHC 785. The case was a landmark case on reasonable accommodation where the High Court set out a really high standard for employers to achieve when considering reasonable accommodation for employees. In...

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Are There Any More Sectoral Employment Orders (SEO) Coming Down the Line?

  The most recent SEO that was introduced in Ireland was the SI No 455 of 2017 Sectoral Employment Order (Construction Sector) 2017 which was signed into law on 19th October 2017. Since the introduction of this SEO, there has been much talk of the introduction of further SEOs within other industries. The Mechanical Engineering...

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Bill to Extend Unpaid Parental Leave to Six Months

  A bill has been introduced to the Dáil Éireann which if enacted will extend unpaid parental leave to six months. At present in Ireland, an employee that has twelve consecutive months service is entitled to 18 weeks parental leave per child. The 18 weeks leave needs to be taken before the child’s eighth birthday,...

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What Do I Do if My Staff Say They Cannot Come to Work Due to Inclement Weather?

  With Storm Emma, better known in the media as the Beast from the East, hitting most parts of the country, the question on what an employer should do in a situation where their employees can’t come to work is arising frequently. During the coming days employees may contact their employer to state that snow...

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Contracts of Employment (Northern Ireland) – The Essentials

  The fundamental rule of employment law is that all employees must sign an employment contract with their employer. The term ‘employee’ is defined in Article 3(1) of the Employment Rights (NI) Order 1996 as an individual who has entered into or works under (or, where the employment has ceased, worked under) a contract of...

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Statutory Sick Pay in Northern Ireland

  When an employee is unable to attend work due to ill-health in Northern Ireland, they may be entitled to receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) from the Employer for all or part of their absence. Employers are now fully responsible for meeting SSP payments to their eligible employees, and there is no mechanism in place...

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Bereavement Leave – What Employers Need to Know

  Supporting employees who have suffered a bereavement can be a challenging issue for employers of all sizes, but in particular, small and medium employers. It is important for employers to realise that different people cope with bereavement in different ways and a bereavement can affect people differently for a variety of reasons. Employers must...

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Has the GNIB Card Been Replaced?

  The Garda National Immigration Bureau known as ‘GNIB’ registration cards have been replaced. The Irish immigration authorities have replaced the GNIB cards with Irish Residence Permit (IRP) with immediate effect. Non-EU/EEA and non-Swiss nations that currently hold a valid GNIB card are advised to wait until the expiry date of their card prior to...

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The WRC and High Court’s Decision on What is the Effective Date of Dismissal

  Background of Case A UPC employee was dismissed on the grounds of serious misconduct, for breaching the company’s email usage policy for sending inappropriate and vulgar emails. Ms. Ryan was dismissed by way of a letter on 18th October 2011. The letter stated her misconduct warranted summary dismissal with immediate effect, however, UPC paid...

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