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How to handle work from home requests

By Rob Nolan Working from home has allowed many office-based businesses to maintain productivity during this past year of COVID-19 restrictions. Working from home, for most businesses, started out as a temporary arrangement. But, now many employees want to continue working from home. Many of us in the HR world expect that employers will spend...

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Irish employment law 2021: Top five changes to look out for

By Amie Doran 2020 may have changed the way we work forever. Businesses throughout Ireland had to react and adapt to outside events on a scale never seen before. Employees the country over made the move to working from home. And, as an unfortunate consequence of restrictions and lockdowns, many businesses had to keep their...

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Key steps of a disciplinary procedure

By Patrick Redmond Thankfully, the majority of employment relationships run smoothly. Still, it’s only the luckiest of employers who don’t encounter an issue that requires disciplinary action. Disciplinary processes tend to deal with misconduct issues or poor employee performance. The disciplinary procedure can be a difficult and stressful experience for everyone involved. Here, we look...

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WRC seeks submissions on right to disconnect

By Amie Doran The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) has announced that it’s undertaking a public consultation as part of its process for drafting a new Code of practice on the “right to disconnect”. The Code will set out guidance for employees and employers with regard to best practice. It will also consider employee disengagement outside...

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The importance of communicating with homeworkers

By Rob Nolan A key factor in any successful business has always been communication. From team briefings to modern instant messaging, businesses have developed how, when, and where they communicate. The goal has always been the same: to ensure the ship is heading in the right direction and that the crew know their jobs. Maintaining...

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Employee burnout and the importance of keeping working time records

By Paul O’Connor We’ve all seen the eye-catching images aimed at wellbeing in staff canteens and office hallways. They often focus on ‘work-life balance’, ‘mental health’, and ‘burnout’. However, the coronavirus pandemic means many employees are now working from home. So, this prompts the question: are homeworkers at the risk of burnout? What is employee...

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NI Update: Extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

By Nicholas Young The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) was first announced by the UK Government on March 20th, 2020. The Scheme was designed to support employers who may have been considering making redundancies following the impact of coronavirus. The Scheme is open to all employers who operated a PAYE system on or before March...

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Sexual harassment: Working from home risks

By Patrick Redmond A lot has changed for employers due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, employer obligations in relation to addressing employee concerns remain the same. As the pandemic has forced businesses to react and adapt to changes, the majority of employees now work from home. But, that doesn’t mean workplace rules don’t apply. Having...

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Is your business prepared to handle redundancies?

By Amie Doran The financial impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the business sector has been staggering. As a result, it seems inevitable that many businesses will need to look at their headcounts in 2021. Making redundancies is challenging on many levels. As an employer, you must ensure that you comply with this technical area...

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Dealing with grievances about fellow employees

By Fiona Kelleher ‘Grievance’ is a catchall term in employment law in Ireland that captures staff concerns, problems, or complaints. While there’s no statutory definition of grievance, a grievance is an employee complaint that is not always a bullying or harassment issue. If an employee feels that they are treated less favourably, they can seek...

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