New minimum wage rules in effect from 4th March

New minimum wage rules in effect from 4th March

The National Minimum Wage Acts which provide for lower national minimum wage rates for young people and trainees will be updated in March.

The coming into force of the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2018 on 4th March will simplify the minimum wage rates based on age and experience to simple, age-based rates. The new laws will also abolish the use of trainee rates.

The effect of these changes is set out in the tables below.

Hourly Rates of Pay (National Minimum Wage Acts, 2000 & 2015)

From March 4th 2019, a person who commences employment for the first time at age 20 or over must receive the full National Minimum Wage hourly rate of pay of €9.80.

Category of employee (Jan 1st to Mar 3rd) Hourly rate (as of January 1st) Category of employee (From Mar 4th) Hourly rate (as of March 4th)    
Experienced Adult Worker €9.80 20 years of age or over €9.80
Under 18 years €6.86 Under 18 €6.86
In first year of first employment €7.84 Aged 18 €7.84
In second year of first employment €8.82 Aged 19 €8.82

Training rates

From March 4th 2019, the training rates (for training or study undertaken in normal working hours over 18 years) will be abolished. All minimum wage rates will be age-based, as above, or paid at the full hourly rate of €9.80.

Training Rates Hourly rate
First one third period €7.35
Second one third period €7.84
Third one third period €8.82
From 4th March 2019 training rates are abolished and the hourly rates of pay as above apply

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