New national minimum wage rates effective 1st January

New minimum wage rates effective from January 1st

From 1st January 2019, the national minimum wage (NMW) in Ireland increased by 25 cent from €9.55 to €9.80 per hour.

The NMW applies to all experienced adult workers. Any employee under the age of 18 or in their first year of employment can be paid a percentage of NMW, as set out in the table below. An employee may be entitled to a higher rate if their employment is governed by an Employment Regulation Order (ERO), a Registered Employment Agreement (REA) or a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO).

Minimum wage rates

Employee Percentage nmw 1 jan 2019
Experienced adult worker 100% €9.80
Under the age of 18 70% €6.86
Over the age of 18 – 1st Year of employment 80% €7.84
Over the age of 18 – 2nd Year of employment 90% €8.82


Training rates

Training rates may also be paid where an employee over the age of 18 is undergoing a course of study or training that meets specified statutory requirements.

Contract cleaning rate

The minimum wage for contract cleaners is governed by Employment Regulation Order (S.I. 548/2016) and this rate also increased from 1st December 2018. The minimum wage rate for a contract cleaner is now €10.80 per hour.

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