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Comprehensive HR audit service

Our consultants are pleased to offer a comprehensive HR audit service to ensure that your organisation is managing and meeting its employer responsibilities in the most appropriate and efficient way. We appreciate that every business has different requirements, so we offer various approaches when it comes to conducting our HR audits. For many clients, the objective is to get a completely accurate assessment of all their current practices, along with tailored recommendations to help them improve where necessary. In order to provide this service, we offer a full, comprehensive HR audit...

Our onsite HR audits comprise of the review and analysis of all policies, procedures and compliance matters, including:

  • Employee files;
  • Record keeping;
  • Wage rates;
  • Payments to staff;
  • Working time records;
Our HR consultant will attend your premises at a time to suit you in order to undertake the audit, followed by a meeting with the management team to provide an initial report and to answer any queries that arise. This will be followed by a written HR audit report for you to refer to and keep for your records.

How much does a full HR audit cost?

Our audit fees are based on the time required to complete the activity, which in turn is influenced by:
  • The number of employees to be included;
  • The number of departments involved ;
  • Industry-specific requirements that may be in place
We pride ourselves on our flexible approach, working to meet your individual needs where possible. Whatever type of audit you decide is best for you, we’ll also submit a full, written report and recommendations to help you secure a more compliant future.

Free, online HR audit

If you’re not sure you want to commit to a full audit, we’ve also developed a quick and easy online HR audit which will provide a ‘snapshot’ of any legal exposures and best practice gaps in your policies and procedures.

To learn more about our HR audit services or to speak to one of our HR Consultants, please call us on 01-8860350 or send and we’ll get right back to you.


Simply visit our free HR audit page and fill in three simple steps to reveal your position in the HR Compliance Index, before moving to the fourth and final step which will allow you to see exactly where your weaknesses lie.


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