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One-to-One HR Consultations

Our friendly and experienced consultants here at Graphite HRM provide organisations across Ireland with exceptional levels of HR support – but while a quick chat over the phone is often sufficient, we’re also happy to offer face-to-face consultations for more complex questions and concerns. Whether you want to come along to our offices in Dublin, or request a visit to your own premises, we’ll be happy to oblige. Your assigned consultant will listen to your queries and help guide and support you on your HR issue through to resolution.

Unparalleled HR support through one-to-one consultations

How can we help?

No matter what your HR problem, we’re here to help. We understand that as a business owner or manager, dealing with HR issues can distract you from other important activities where your attention is required to secure your continued success.

By requesting our assistance, you can re-focus your time and efforts on your own area of specialism, while benefiting from invaluable HR support from the experts on issues such as:

  • Investigation meetings.
  • Grievance appeal meetings.
  • In-meeting support and assistance at disciplinaries/appeals.
  • In-meeting support and assistance at capability/capability appeal meetings.
  • Onsite support and expertise in TUPE and redundancy consultations.
  • Accredited Workplace Mediator to hold mediation sessions to end staff disputes.

What do one-to-one consultations cost?

Our face-to-face HR consultation fees are based on the time required to complete the activity/project, which in turn is influenced by:

  • The number of employees to be included.
  • The number of departments involved.
  • Industry-specific requirements that may be in place.


We’re here to save you time and stress, and offer genuine value to your business.

If you’d like to benefit from our HR support services on a one-to-one basis with a specialist consultant, call us now on 01-8860350 or email us here.

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