The Key Benefits of a Health & Safety System to Your Business

Last updated: May 17th, 2022

Taking a systematic approach to managing health & safety within your organisation will positively benefit the management of the business and boost efficiency. From our experience, when clients take a consistent approach to health & safety within their workplace, they reap the benefits not only from a legal perspective but also from a cost-saving and efficiency perspective.

We outline seven reasons why companies should invest in a Health and Safety System:


Legal Requirement – Protect your Employees, Protect your Business

The Safety, Health and Welfare Act 2005 sets out an employer’s duty of care towards their employees to ensure they have a safe place of work.

The Act sets out:

  • The requirements for the control of health and safety at work;
  • The management, organisation and systems of work necessary to achieve those goals;
  • The responsibilities and roles of employers, the self-employed, employees and others;
  • The enforcement procedures needed to ensure that the goals are met.

In order to be compliant with the Act, employers should ensure to have rigorous health & safety systems in place. Having clear systems and policies in place will create a safe environment to work and reduce the risk of claims being made under Health & Safety legislation.


Reduce Absence and Sick Leave

Improved health and safety systems reduce the likelihood of employees taking sick leave due to occupational injuries. This can potentially save money on the direct costs of absence, such as;

  • Paying the salary of the absent employee
  • Reduced risk of PIAB claims
  • Additional overtime may be required to meet the needs of the business
  • Loss of productivity
  • The number of working days lost due to illness


Employers can also save on indirect costs, such as;

  • Time to train someone new to cover the role
  • Diminished productivity
  • Loss of business continuity
  • Replacement or recruitment of a temporary staff


Staff Retention

Having a workplace where health & safety systems are embedded provides a positive culture towards health and safety. Employees feel their workplace is protected and are fully aware of the protocols in place. In the event of an incident, employees know what procedures to follow and have trust in senior leaders.


Potential Savings on Insurance and Legal costs

A high standard of health and safety in the workplace may reduce your insurance premiums. It could also reduce the costs of uninsured claims, such as sick leave or repairs to equipment. It provides the company with documentation to allow for a case to be defended and reduces the need for uninsured cases to be paid from business profits.


Increased Productivity and Profits

Having good health and safety practices in place will increase productivity as having systems in place allows for work to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner


Promote a Health & Safety Culture

Good systems encompass the buy-in and participation of all parties in the organisation from senior management, employees and employee representatives in the development and enforcement of health and safety. Everybody is responsible for health and safety and every person, regardless of their position, has a role to play creating a better commitment and understanding.


Business Reputation

Preventing accidents and ill health at work helps you build a good reputation with your clients, your workers, their friends and associates. Good public relations increase sales and generate more sales leads.


If you have any questions regarding Health & Safety or the implementation of a Health and Safety system please contact our advice line on 01 886 0350.

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