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HR Documentation Reviews

Need help with your HR documentation?

Getting your HR documentation right is absolutely essential if you want to ensure your complete compliance with employment legislation – but with changes being made all the time, it can be hard to find the time to revisit the paperwork and check that it is still current and accurate. If you’re concerned that your HR documentation may be out of date, we can conduct a full review of all items on your behalf, giving you the reassurance that your employee contracts, policies and much more are compliant with employment law.

Protect your business with our HR document review services

Having the right paperwork in place is important to protect you from potential problems or claims in the future, so it makes sense to have everything checked over if it’s been a while, or if you’re unsure as to exactly what standards you need to meet. Our flexible approach means that we can adapt our documentation review service to meet your specific requirements, but here are a few of the items we can help with:

  • Handbooks – full bespoke review and revision of your handbook’s policies to secure and maintain compliance with employment legislation and best practice. ;

  • Contracts – review and revision of your employment contracts to ensure that they meet the latest employment law regulations. As your organisation grows and practices within the company change, your contracts will need amending to reflect these developments. ;

  • Policies & procedures –if you have additional policies and procedures that fall outside of your handbook content, we can also assess and make any necessary amendments to these documents. ;

  • HR forms & letters –depending on the size, activity and structure of your business, you’ll have a wide variety of additional human resource documentation that may also need assessing, such as application forms, advertising for recruitment drives and template letters to staff. ;

  • If you feel your business would benefit from our HR documentation review services, please don’t hesitate to contact us – you can call our consultants on 01-88603050 and will be delighted to offer their advice and assistance.
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